Glass Lens Snorkel Mask with Neoprene Comfort Strap

The Rapido Duo Mask, Two Lens is both stylish and dependable. It's designed to comfortably fit medium and large faces in a variety of shapes thanks to the water-blocking, high-quality silicone skirt. The skirt provides a secure seal so you can focus on the world around you. The low volume of this mask makes it easy to clear, especially with the EZ equalizer nose pocket. Its tempered glass lenses are safe, durable, and built to last. They provide a large field of view to give a front row seat to the underwater scenery. The buckles are attached to the mask skirt for a more natural strap angle and a more secure, comfy fit. Adjustable push buttons give you finely tuned control over mask tightness. When diving time’s over, just fold this mask for easy storage.
  • MASK: Dual Integrated Frame Technology System, Lightweight and Low Volume, Safety Tempered Glass Lens Design.
  • Structural Silicone Technology Helps Increase Sealing Ability, Easy to Adjust Swivel Buckle System, Wide Field of View.
  • Comfort Neoprene Strap, Durable Nylon Neoprene Construction, Increased Diving Comfort, Helps Prevent Hair Tangling.
  • SNORKEL: Suitable for Snorkeling or Recreational Scuba Diving, High-flow Dry Top Snorkel with Flex Tube. Silicone Mouthpiece.
  • Easy Clear Exhaust Valve, Anatomical Design, Corrugated Tube and Mouthpiece High Quality Silicone, Adjustable Snorkel Keeper.