50lb Braided Fishing Line -330yd

"Berkley Trilene Big Game Braid is a durable and reliable 4 carrier conventional braid offering superior value to the consumer. Big Game Braid is available in lo-vis green making it less visible to fish and blending into most backgrounds and has a slick coating for effortless casting. Suitable for use in a variety of conditions, including saltwater and freshwater fishing, thanks to its durability and reliability. The Big Game braided line is a must-have in your tackle bag for when a monofilament line won't cut it.


At Berkley, our process gives anglers the tools and confidence to catch more fish. Failing to catch fish is what motivates us to keep fishing, keep studying, and keep figuring out ways to make all our products the best on the market. Because of this commitment we can confidently say - We've done the science. Now you catch the fish."

  • BERKLEY TRILENE BIG GAME 50LB BRAID FISHING LINE: Offering superior value, the Trilene Big Game Braid is a 4-carrier conventional braided PE line, ideal in situations where strength and reliability are key in helping you catch more fish.
  • LOW VISIBILITY AND STRONG LURE ACTION: Thin braided fishing line with diameters 2 to 3x smaller than mono of the same lb-test. Diameter: 0.015in (0.38mm). Superline Mono Equiv: 17lb.
  • SUPER SENSITIVE LINE with nearly zero stretch, so you can replace the line less often. The line sensitivity allows you to feel the bite of the fish as soon as they take the bait and are on your hook, so you can reel in the fish immediately.
  • EXTREME FIGHTING POWER: Fishing line break strength of 65lb | 29.4kg. Abrasion-resistant and strong enough to withstand the toughest structure, reducing line breakage.
  • DURABLE AND RELIABLE: Ideal for cutting through weeds and thick vegetation, the braided fishing line is suitable for any situation while providing the legendary strength of Berkley Big Game.
  • SMOOTH, EFFORTLESS CASTING: Slick coating provides effortless casting and improved performance every time. Length: 330yd | 300m.
  • AVAILABLE IN A VARIETY OF SIZES in lo-vis green, so the fishing braid blends into natural water environments and is less visible to fish.
  • OUR STORY: The Berkley story involves hard work and struggle leading to unexpected success. The research and development that goes into our products results in innovative fishing gear with one purpose: to help you catch more fish.